Crash courses

Available Subjects:

CSEC                                                                               CAPE

Mathematics                                                      Pure Mathematics UNIT 1 and 2

Additional Mathematics                                  Applied Mathematics UNIT 1 and 2

Physics                                                                Physics Unit 1 and 2

Biology                                                                Biology Unit 1 and 2

Chemistry                                                           Chemistry Unit 1 and 2

Principle of Business                                       Communication Studies

Principle of Accounts                                      Caribbean Studies


Economics                                                         Economics Unit 1 and 2


Each subject is taught by the most experienced and knowledgeable teachers in their field.  

The cost: $400 per subject (check timetable for dates and times)

To register for these courses:

  •  Complete the registration form below
  •  Submit form at Arete Institute of Science [Palmiste location next to Rituals]
  • Obtain seat number and receipt for payment of fees before March 27th,2017.
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*Crash Course timetable 2017 [final}