Crash Course


Crash Courses

A crash course is a condensed delivery of a syllabus that is designed to help better prepare a student for upcoming examinations. On completion of a crash course, a student would have:

  • Covered most/all the syllabus for a given subject.
  • Completed at least 5 years of past papers.
  • Given guidelines for proper answering of questions.
  • Interacted with the best teachers in their given subject areas.

The crash courses are designed by the most qualified and experienced teachers in each subject area, whose goal is to summarize the content from each syllabus and present it in a format that is easier to visualize, understand and remember.

NB. These courses are not designed to replace the teaching that has been done during the academic year, but merely to assist the student in getting fully prepared for their upcoming examinations.

Crash Course Location : Palmiste

Crash Course Location : San Fernando