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Crash Course

A crash course is a summary of the syllabus in 3-4 sessions each 3-6 hours long.


Arete Channel

These videos cover topics in CSEC/CAPE subjects and aid in your examination preparation. Enjoy…. Please subscribe and like the videos.  [GO]


Institute of Science

The aim is to design a school and curriculum that would allow a child to discover and evolve into his/her strengths. Education came from the Latin word educare, which means to draw out. Our objective at Arete is to therefore draw you out from you.

We offer research-based classrooms that are student centered rather than the traditional teacher centered classrooms that we have grown so accustomed too.



The aim of this school is to allow a student to evolve into themselves. It means that they must develop personally to achieve their full potential. The only way this would be possible is if we individually study and assess each child and create a curriculum that suits their needs.